E-mail marketing

What is E-Mail Marketing?

E-Mail marketing uses e-mail for advertising goods and services of an organisation and facilitating customer loyalty within your marketing activities. E-mail marketing is marketing that will let customers know about new goods, promotions, and other resources on your e-mail list.  Mail chimp will help you plan, build, and optimise your e-mail marketing to get your marketing program’s best benefit. It can also play a key role in lead generation, brand recognition, relationship building, or keeping customers engaged through various marketing e-mails among purchases.

E-Mail Marketing working process

One can add a registration newsletter to a site. When people log-in, a growing audience will receive newsletters. From your social media accounts, you can also assist customers in the newsletter. A daily newsletter is easy and efficient for sending alerts, upcoming events, and special offers about your company. The e-mail programme also makes it simple for consumers who did not recently buy and send them automatic promotional e-mails.

Advantages of e-mail marketing

  • Selling products and services

To drive sales, you can send your subscribers an e-mail marketing campaign. Other strategies in e-mail marketing that are known for conversion rates include e-mails including a special discount code.

  • Helps in creating brand awareness

Showing your brand in someone’s e-mail inbox lets the customer keep up with all important information from your brand. A custom marketing e-mail has more effect than a social media post that doesn’t know if anyone saw your message. Scalability is one of the critical advantages of e-mail marketing. So e-mails can be sent to several recipients at a reasonably low cost.

  • Helps you build a relationship with your audience

E-mail marketing will help you develop a connection with your audience and drive people to your blog, social media, or anywhere else.

  • Affordable and accessible

E-mail marketing is highly cost-effective. Besides, all age groups have access to e-mail. It opens the door to all kinds of people.

Relevancy of E-Mail Marketing

It sometimes seems like e-mail is long dead when discussing videos and artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and chatbots. But if you assume that e-mail is gone, then the real metrics are missing. The reality? E-mail marketing remains high today and can be the company’s best strategy.

How to do e-mail marketing

  • Growing Your E-mail List

It would help if you attracted people with an attractive offer to expand your e-mail list. A lead magnet is required. A lead magnet is unique, something you give in return for an e-mail address such as a special discount code, a free gift or useful information.

  • Select an e-mail service

Of course, there have never been any e-mail campaigns without permission to begin with. First of all, we will have to concentrate our attention on establishing a substantial list of e-mails. Then we will choose the e-mail service providers. Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Sendinblue, Drip are good options.

  • Segmentation

This is the process of breaking e-mails into smaller groups based on specific criteria to send your subscribers more personalised and relevant e-mails. 

  • Improving e-mail open rates

This section is of great importance because you don’t benefit from anything even with all the hard work you have done to expand your e-mail list unless your e-mails are being opened.

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