Affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the practice of receiving a commission through the promotion of items of others or companies. You find a product you like, market it, and earn a commission with any sale you make. The rise of affiliates is when you sell the goods of other firms. You get a percentage of the sale when someone purchases from your affiliate page or link. You are a distributor of the business as an associate or ambassador. If you contribute to selling; the company pays you.

Parties involved in affiliate marketing

  • The merchant: Sometimes named the manufacturer, the salesman, the brand, the dealer, or the seller. This is the company that manufactures the product.
  • The Affiliate: Often, this faction is often referred to as the publisher. Affiliates may be a company or an individual. An affiliate marketing company can produce several hundreds of pounds per month or tens of millions of pounds in commissions.
  • The customer: The customer or user who completes this purchase. No commissions can be given without sales, and therefore no profits can be made.

Working process of Affiliate marketing

The merchant provides a unique link or code to any affiliate or ambassador, so they track who was responsible for a sale. A small file called a cookie is stored on the computer if someone clicks the link. There are two things an affiliate cookie does: It allows the merchant to allocate the right person to sell; It (usually) has an expiration date, but even if the customer delays in buying, you will still get a commission.

How to start Affiliate marketing

Follow these seven simple steps to get started with affiliate marketing:

  • Decide on a platform: Create an audience and grow your affiliate sales through one of the many channels available: a blog, YouTube channel or an Instagram account. You can do affiliate marketing through either network.
  • Choose your niche: Niche down to the most significant potential for success. Choose a subject with a particular category. If you keep your posts relevant to your niche, you will build a more concentrated audience and rank higher in the search engines.
  • Find affiliate programs to join: Three kinds of affiliate services are available—high paid-low volume, low-paid with high volumes, and high compensated with high volume. Google searches are the easiest way to locate these affiliate services.
  • Create great content: You need to produce high-quality content with which your affiliate links match naturally to succeed in your affiliate site.
  • Drive traffic to your affiliate site: It’s excellent and relevant content you’ve made. The next step is to get more people to read it, so they click on the affiliate links.
  • Get clicks on your affiliate links: Just because you have a great piece of content does not mean that people can click on your affiliate links. You will have to consider link placement and context for that to happen.
  • Convert clicks to sales: Two conversions must occur for you to make money in affiliate marketing. Click on the product page as the first conversion. The second conversion is for the visitor to buy the product. 
Using Ambassadors for Affiliate Marketing

 If you’re a merchant who wants to drive more visitors to your site and convert them into sales, try and find brand ambassadors who has your target audience as their following. 

Most established ambassadors or influencers will charge a fee and expect some sort of discount for their following but using these ambassadors is a great way to get your brand name out there as the ambassador has already built trust with their following. 

This means that your target audience will most likely listen to the ambassador / influencer’s advice about your product and head over to your website to make a purchase. That discount code is just the extra cherry on the cake.

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